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Copper Strips are manufactured from highly conductive and thin thickness. they offer great resistance to corrosion.They are widly used in automotive industry; radiators, cable industry, electronic and electrical inustries; decorative components and Building inustry: roofings.etc.
Coper Strips are ideally used in applications where the salt content in the soil is very high, with a width of 10mm to 160mm, Thickness of 0,20mm to 6mm.

Copper strips are produced, hot and cold rolling , by extruded busbars and they are accordıng with TS EN 1652, DIN EN 1652, DIN EN 13599

Specıfıcatıons Of The Copper Strip

  • Thickness 0.20 mm to 6 mm
  • Width 10 mm to 160 mm
  • SW-Cu (DLP-Cu) P: % 0,005-0,014
  • SF-Cu (DHP-Cu) P: % 0,015-0,040
  • E-Cu58 ETP-Cu Cu: min %99,95